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The Music Of Silence

(La Musica del Silenzio)

Based on the novel of Andrea Bocelli, the story of the path that led him from his small village to his current glorious career.

Since childhood, Andrea is gifted with a precious singing voice, but at the same time he suffers from a serious eye disease. His illness forces him to face a continuous ordeal of surgeries; very soon he has to leave his family, to enter the Institute of Blind People, where he learns Braille. But a tragic accident takes place there: he loses his sight completely after being hit in the face during a soccer match. This accident frustrates all the efforts made to preserve his weak eyes, but Andrea doesn’t give up.

Living a normal life, as he does, is already an exceptional gesture, but Andrea wants to become a great tenor and, after disappointments and sacrifices, fighting and insisting he finds his chance: Zucchero calls him back to sing "Miserere" with him. It is his first big success. From then on, he begins collecting victories, but at the same time he silently continues his daily mission, the mission of a man, who, in order to be like anyone else in every gesture, in every moment, has to do more than anyone else.

Producer: Picomedia

International distribution: Ambi Distribution

Director: Michael Radford

Cast: Toby Sebastian, Antonio Banderas, Jordi Mollà, Luisa Ranieri and Andrea Bocelli

Genre: Scripted (Theatrical)

Year of production: 2017

Duration: 114'