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The Knights of Castelcorvo

(I cavalieri di Castelcorvo)

A mysterious village, an enchanted castle and two children who are there just for the holidays ... or at least that's what they think!

The first Disney + series launched for the platform in Italy. It follows the adventures of Riccardo, Giulia, Betta and Matteo, 4 kids that have taken an oath: to be the Knights of Castelcorvo and save the children kidnapped by the fearsome 'Stria'. Thus begins an exciting journey, a search that takes place in the streets and countryside of Castelcorvo, a village where tranquility is only an illusion.

Producer: Stand by Me

Co-producer: The Walt Disney Company Italia

Commissioner: Disney+

Format creator: Stand by Me

Format & script ownership: Stand by Me, Disney

Distributor: The Walt Disney Company Italia

Director: Riccardo Antonaroli, Alessandro Celli

Cast: Lucrezia Santi, Fabio Bizzarro, Mario Luciani, Margherita Rebbeggiani, Angela Tuccia, Gabriele Rizzoli

Channel: Disney+

Genre: Scripted / Kids (Kids and teen live action)

Year of production: 2020

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 15

Duration: 24'