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The Devil’s Clock

(Gli Orologi Del Diavolo)

This is the story of Marco, a man who loses everything to do the right thing and help his Country. His family. His job. His daughter.

Marco loves speed and has a great talent: he is a very good nautical mechanic. For this reason, he is chosen by the Narcos for their traffic. For the same reason, the police use it as an infiltrator. But he becomes a friend of the cartel leader. They bond deeply, and Marco no longer knows who he is...

Producer: Picomedia in collaboration with Rai Fiction and Mediaset Espana

International distribution: Mediterraneo / Rai Com

Director: Alessandro Angelini

Cast: Giuseppe Fiorello, Claudia Pandolfi, Alvaro Cervantes, Nicole Grimaudo, Carlos Librado “Nene”, Alicia Borrachero

Channel: Rai

Genre: Scripted (Fiction)

Year of production: 2020

Episodes: 8

Duration: 50'

Slot: Prime Time