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The Condemned: Aldo Moro

(Il Condannato: Cronache Di Un Sequestro)

The murder that shook the history of Italy.

Ezio Mauro retraces the 55 days that shocked Italy, those of the kidnapping of Aldo Moro 40 years later, on the occasion of the anniversary of the fierce ambush killing of the police escort of the then President of the Christian Democrats.

Producer: Stand by Me

Commissioner: Rai Cinema

Format creator: Stand by Me

Format & script ownership: Stand by Me

Distributor: Asacha Media Group

Director: Simona Ercolani, Cristian De Mattina, Claudio Pisano

Host: Ezio Mauro

Channel: Rai 3 / Rai Play

Genre: Non-scripted (Documentary, History)

Year of production: 2018

Episodes: 1

Duration: 90'

Slot: Prime Time

Awards: Moige