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The island of thirty coffins

Christine leads a peaceful life with her husband, Raphaël, until the day she receives a mysterious video on her phone. It shows images of her childbirth in Sarek, the island where she grew up. Christine discovers with horror that her announced stillborn child was murdered. She is now haunted by these questions: who killed her son, and why? Despite her husband’s advice, she decides to return to the island she left 15 years ago. As Christine seeks the truth about her son, a series of deaths fuels terror among the inhabitants of Sarek. It seems that her return has revived the prophecy of the Thirty Coffins…


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Key Cast
Virgine Ledoyen, Charles Berling, Stanley Weber


Frédéric Mermoud

A series created by Elsa Marpeau and Florent Meyer, freely inspired by the eponymous novel by Maurice Leblanc


Stéphane Moatti