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Scènes de ménages

Scènes de ménages explores the universe of different couples with whom we can identify at various stages of life:

A middle-aged couple, Liliane and José, will find themselves face to face after their son’s departure. A retired couple in a love/hate relationship: Raymond and Huguette. An energetic couple, Emma and Fabien, who have just moved to the countryside. A couple of lovers with an age gap trying to mock the judgment of others and proving that opposites attract: Camille and Philippe. A contemporary young couple, Leslie and Léo, grappling with financial difficulties and overcoming the challenges of adulthood together. And the brand-new couple, Louise and Jalil, who left Paris to return to the neighborhood where they grew up, surrounded by their families, to fulfill Louise’s dream of opening her own restaurant. And the all-new couple, Christine and Gilbert, a young couple in their 60s, from the small provincial bourgeoisie, united by heart and reason.



Number of seasons

Key Cast
Gérard Hermandez, Valérie Karsenti, Frédéric Bouraly, Anne-Elisabeth Blateau, David Mora, Amélie Étasse, Grégoire Bonnet, Claire Chust, Vinnie Dargaud, Claudia Mongumu, Ryad Baxx, Didier Benureau, Fanny Cottençon

Francis Duquet, Karim Adda, Xavier de Choudens, Baya Rehaz, Jean-Eudes Monachon, Olivier Cassas

Artistic Producer

Khaled Amara

Executive Producer

Peggy Botebol