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Scènes de ménages

SCENES DE MENAGES explores the world of relationships of couples at different stages of their lives. The series depicts the main comical and touching caricatures of household scenes from couples of three different age groups: the thirty-somethings (Marion & Cédric), the forty-somethings (Liliane & José), and the seventy-somethings (Huguette & Raymond), whose life as a couple is far from smooth sailing.

182x 26′

Number of seasons

Key Cast
Gérard Hermandez, Valérie Karsenti, Frédéric Bouraly, Anne-Elisabeth Blateau, David Mora, Amélie Étasse, Grégoire Bonnet, Claire Chust, Vinnie Dargaud, Claudia Mongumu, Ryad Baxx, Didier Benureau, Fanny Cottençon

Francis Duquet, Karim Adda, Xavier de Choudens, Baya Rehaz, Jean-Eudes Monachon, Olivier Cassas