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Sabato, Domenica e Lunedì

Rosa Piscopo, like every Saturday, prepares the meat sauce for Sunday lunch. Her husband Peppino Priore hovers nervously in the kitchen, arguing with her about every little thing. The reason for the nervousness manifests itself the next day. It is Sunday, and the entire Priore family is gathered in front of the ragù; Rosa is wearing the blue scarf given to her by her neighbor, the very thoughtful engineer Luigi Ianniello, who was invited along with his wife Elena. Peppino does not touch food and, at the umpteenth compliment paid by Ianniello to his wife, seething with jealousy, bluntly accuses them both of having a “lousy affair.”


Key Cast
Sergio Castellitto, Fabrizia Sacchi, Giampaolo Fabrizio, Nunzia Schiano, Mariarosaria Omaggio, Liliana Bottone, Maria Vera Ratti, Tony Laudadio, Adriano Pantaleo, Gianluca Di Gennaro, Margherita Laterza, Giulia Pica, Ginestra Paladino, Fiorenzo Madonna, Antonio Fiorillo

Edoardo De Angelis