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Murder In Correze (Meurtre en Corrèze)

In the city of Tulle, as every year, penitents carry the statue of Saint John, who is said to have defeated the great plague in the 14th century. But that evening, on the sidelines of the procession, Manuel Marquis, a local artist well-known in contemporary art, is found murdered. Captain Lena Ribero, a local child, is in charge of the investigation. But she has to work with the police commander Axel Zeller, her former great love, whom she had not seen for thirteen years. The collaboration between the two is difficult, for an investigation no less difficult. Indeed, the number 9 engraved on the victim’s forehead suggests that his murder is only the beginning of a macabre series…


Key Cast
Arié Elmaleh, Carole Bianic, Olivier Benard, Joyce Jonathan

Adeline Darraux