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Mare Fuori

The juvenile detention centre in Naples is that corner of the soul in which the dreams of all the leading characters are imprisoned, the place where times goes by as these girls and boys become adults, forced to leave outside those wall the chance to make their dreams come true. The reality of this passage from the world of childhood to adulthood is realistically narrated, at times in a delicate manner, without, however, neglecting the more pitiless and powerful moments and passages of those events.


36 x 60′

Number of seasons
S1, S2, S3
S4 in production

Key Cast
Carolina Crescentini, Carmine Recano, Valentina Romani
Nicolas, Maupas, Lucrezia Guidone, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Maria Esposito, Matteo Paolillo

Carmine Elia (S1),
Ivan Silvestrini and Milena Cocozza (S2), Ivan Silvestrini (S3, S4)