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Le Mensonge

Claude has succeeded in everything in his life: his marriage, his career… Mayor of his town, he aspires to become a senator.

For Lucas, his beloved grandson, life is much less cheerful: his parents are divorcing, he is not comfortable in his own skin, and one day he accuses his grandfather of rape.

Their two lives take a turn, and it will now be a matter of one word against another until the truth finally comes to light, fifteen years later. However, it will not be the truth that everyone had believed.

4 x 52′

Number of seasons 

Key cast

Daniel Auteuil (Claude), Charlie Bruneau (Léa), Grégoire Bonnet (Maître Frédéric Lancel), Catherine Alric (Marie), Benjamin Bellecour (Pierre), Victor Meutelet (Lucas – Ado), Alex Terrier-Thiebaux (Lucas – Enfant), Maud Imbert (Corine), Jean Baptiste Puech (Thierry)

Vincent Garenq

Vincent Garenq

Based on the book by Christian Iacono, ‘Le Mensonge’ (The Lie)

Editions Sudarènes 2016