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La Storia

On an ordinary day in 1941, the widow Ida Ramundo, Nino’s mother and secretly of Jewish origin, is raped by a German soldier. After the pain, the dismay and the shame, Ida discovers she is pregnant and, nine months later, secretly gives birth to a baby boy who will be lovingly nicknamed Useppe. The family is turned upside down by the events of the war: Nino decides to leave for the front with the fascists, leaving his mother and little Useppe to cope with the Nazi occupation and the round-ups in a flat in Rome’s San Lorenzo district. In the July 1943 bombing, Ida loses everything and is forced to evacuate. From then on, every day for her becomes a struggle for her own survival and that of her child.


Francesca Archibugi

Key Cast:

Jasmine Trinca, Valerio Mastandrea, Asia Argento, Elio Germano