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Hooten & the lady

The adventure series Hooten & The Lady transports viewers to exotic locations around the world, including Cape Town, Moscow, Rome and Cambodia. In the darkest reaches of the Amazon, the diligent and always enthusiastic Lady Alexandra Lindo-Parker, on her first expedition for the British Museum, runs into Hooten – a rough edged, no-nonsense American treasure hunter. They immediately fail to get on, but the threat of imminent death keeps them together. In no time, they’re falling off mountains and out of helicopters, trekking through deserts on camels, discovering hidden temples and fabled treasures, even finding (and losing) El Dorado, the legendary city of gold. Truly unique and delivered with chutzpah, wit, pace and bucket-loads of jeopardy, Hooten & The Lady combines lashings of humour with rollicking, nail-biting adventures.



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Key Cast
Michael Landes, Ophelia Lovibound, Jane Seymour, Jonathan Bailey, Jessica Hynes, Shaun Parks

Colin Teague, Daniel O’Hara, Justin Molotnikov, Andy Hay, Julian Holmes