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The high school has just closed its doors, and a radiant summer awaits by the beach. Chloe, Ruby, Sofia, and Constance, the Girlsquad, plan to make the most of it. However, the day after a memorable party, their friends’ little sister is found by the roadside, in a coma. At the same time, a mysterious girl named Billie appears out of nowhere and stirs up discord within the group, while a “Voyeur” harasses the girls on their social networks. Will the Girlsquad withstand the trials, revelations, and conflicts that are about to unfold?

Duration : 10 x 22’

Producer : Katia Rais

Conceived by Estelle Surbranche

Developed by Estelle Surbranche et Sébastien Fabioux

Screenwriters : Estelle Surbranche, Sébastien Fabioux, Elise Benroubi, Victoria Musiedlak

Additional dialogues Charlotte Vecchiet

Director : Zoé Cauwet

Cast: Andrea Mands, Paloma Vauthier, Apollonia Luisetti, Lola Saint-Gilles