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Farmer's Daughter (Fille de Paysan)

Joel and Muriel Pécourneau, and their two daughters form a close-knit farming family. They try as best they can to make a living from their market garden and goat breeding, despite mounting debts and the hardships of daily life. Until one day, when they receive a substantial fine for helping out a neighbour by selling her a chicken for 10 euros… Already struggling to make ends meet, this news puts Joel and Muriel under even more pressure. After taking out a bank loan, they put all their energy into building the poultry farm. But new European regulations put an end to their hopes and once again put them in extreme difficulty. Emilie decides to launch an online fund-raising campaign. Will Emilie, a farmer’s daughter, succeed in saving her family?


Key Cast
Justine Lacroix, Thierry Godard, Carole Bianic

Julie Manoukian