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En Famille

These slices of life explore the often complex relationships between different generations; allowing each character to act as (not always objective) witness to the events surrounding them. The sketches, of various lengths, can be watched individually and are contained within each episode of the series.


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Key Cast
Yves Pignot (Jacques), Marie Vincent (Brigitte), Jeanne Savary (Marjorie), Charlie Bruneau Pouilloux (Roxane), Lucie Bourdeu (Chloé), Axel Huet (Antoine), Olivier Mag (Jean-Pierre Escourrou), Benoît Moret (Seb), Marie-Pierre Casey (Tata Lucienne), Antoinette Giret (Annabelle), Calixte Broisin – Doutaz (Gaspard), Sohel et Mady Meftah (Hugo et Diego), Gérémy Crédeville (Milo), Tiphaine Daviot (Bonnie), Margaux Rossi (Charlotte), Yvan Le Bolloc’h (Yvan)

Jean-Baptiste Bruneau Pouilloux, Maxime Potherat, Xavier de Choudens, Thomas Lipmann, Baya Rehaz