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First Netflix teen original produced in Italy. It tells the stories and emotions of a group of seventh grade classmates. Each episode is told from the point of view of one of the eight protagonists. In this way, from one episode to another, the stories of Pietro, Livia, Isabel, Daniele, Monica, Giulio, Mirko and Arianna intertwine in a choral story capable of restoring the different facets of the life of preteens. Among the themes of the series are coming out, the relapses of a marriage in crisis, parental expectations, dyslexia, the anxiety of growing up, loneliness and acceptance.


Number of seasons

Key Cast 
Andrea Arru; Flavia Leone; Biagio Venditti; Sofia Nicolini; Liam Nicolosi; Federica Franzellitti; Francesca La Cava; Pietro Sparvoli; Fiorenza Tessari

Alessandro Celli