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With your friends you’re stronger!

Jams tells the story of Joy (Sonia Battisti), Alice (Giulia Cragnotti), Max (Andrea Dolcini) and Stefano (Luca Edoardo Varone), four inseparable friends and classmates. It is an innovative, award-winning, series that has received excellent ratings and reviews: filmed with the innovative technique of constructed reality, in which the acting is mostly linked to spontaneous improvisation, has captured the attention also from the international press for the attempt to bring children closer to a delicate subject as important as that of harassment and cyberbullying using their own language, their codes and narrative lines typical of the story of entertainment for children.

Producer: Stand by Me

Co-producer: Rai

Commissioner: Rai Ragazzi

Format creator: Stand by Me

Format & script ownership: Rai

Distributor: Rai Com

Creator: Simona Ercolani

Director: Alessandro Celli / Emanuele Pisano

Cast: Sonia Battisti, Giulia Cragnotti, Andrea Dolcini, Luca Edoardo Varone

Channel: Rai Gulp, Rai 2, Rai Play

Genre: Scripted / Kids (Kids and teens live action)

Year of production: 2020

Seasons: 4

Episodes: 75

Duration: 30' / 25'

Slot: Prime Time


  • Season 1: Cartoons On The Bay Winner of Pulcinella Awards 2019 as Best Live action / Hybrid TV Series
  • Season 1: Content Innovation Awards 2019 winner of Best Live Action Kids Programme
  • Season 2: Moige 2020 winner of Special Award for Tv series tackling the topic of cyberbullying