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It’s Lunchtime

(È sempre mezzogiorno)

If there is cheerful company, tasty recipes and fun games, there's no need to ask for the time: it's always lunchtime!

An original format that combines talk show and cooking show. Antonella Clerici welcomes the audience into her new world, made of authenticity and wholesomeness, love for the countryside, for the Italian territory and its products, and for the province.

Producer: Stand by Me

Commissioner: Rai

Format creator: Stand by Me

Format & script ownership: Stand by Me, Rai

Distributor: Asacha Media Group

Host: Antonella Clerici

Channel: Rai 1

Genre: Non-scripted (Entertainment)

Year of production: 2020

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 193

Duration: 70'

Slot: daily strip / daytime