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Italy from Train (Italy from Ship)

(L’Italia del Treno (L’Italia delle Navi))

The trains and the ships that kept Italy moving.

The arrival of the railway has deeply marked the history of Italy and the Italians: after the first race on October 3, 1839, everything will be influenced and sometimes distorted by the new iron monster. Carrier of economic, social and technological progress, the train represents the first concrete presence of the Italian State, becoming the center of crucial events in our history.

Italy from Ship

Italian borders are mostly delimited by the Mediterranean Sea, the nerve center of our history, which bathes 8,000 km of the coasts. This becomes the privileged point of view to tell the story of our people, habits, great changes, culture. Our last 140 years have passed by the ports and routes drawn by ocean liners, frigates, cruisers and submarines, school ships and steamships, water giants that have sailed the world's oceans. Telling 140 years of Italian naval history means offering a glimpse of the social, economic and political evolution of our country in the modern era.

Producer: Stand by Me

Commissioner: A&E

Format creator: Stand by Me

Distributor: A&E

Host: Beppe Severgnini, Raffaele Di Placido

Channel: History Channel

Genre: Non-scripted (Documentary series, History)

Year of production: 2019

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 10

Duration: 60'

Slot: Prime Time