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High Infidelity

(Alta Infedeltà)

There’s only one way to remain faithful, but there are thousand ways to cheat!

High Infidelity is the scripted reality show about attraction, cheating and love affairs. Some of these may end forever while others may get a new chance of working out. In each episode a cheater, a victim and a lover go through a sequence of events describing how happy and unhappy couples face the tough test of infidelity.

Producer: Stand by Me

Commissioner: Discovery

Format creator: Stand by Me

Distributor: All3media

Channel: Real Time / D Play (Also aired in Spain, Eastern Europe, South America)

Genre: Scripted (Scripted reality, Love affairs)

Year of production: 2018

Seasons: 5

Episodes: 190

Duration: 30' / 25'

Slot: Access Prime Time