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Scènes de Ménages (Household Scenes)

Couples who clash explores the world of different couples who we can relate to at different stages of life e.g:

A middle age couple, Liliane and José, will find themselves face to face after their son leaves home. A retired couple in a love/hate relationship: Raymond and Huguette. An energetic couple, Emma and Fabien, who have just set up housekeeping in the countryside. A loving couple in an age-gap relationship trying not to care about what other people thing and who prove that opposites attract: Camille and Philippe. A contemporary young couple Leslie and Léo, struggling financially and overcoming the challenges of adulthood together. And the newest couple, Louise and Jalil, who left Paris to go back to the neighborhood they grew up in, surrounded by their families, to make Louise’s dream come true, open her restaurant.

26' / 14 x 90'
Scripted (Comedy)
Noon (Kabo)
Executive producers:
Mathieu Laurentin
Francis Duquet, Karim Adda, Xavier de Choudens, Olivier Cassas