Asacha’s Kabo Family set for shake-up after Christian Baumard steps down as chairman

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Christian Baumard

Asacha’s Kabo Family set for shake-up after Christian Baumard steps down as chairman

By Asacha Media Group

Christian Baumard, co-founder of Kabo Family, has resigned as chairman of the Asacha Media-owned French scripted prodco, resulting in a shake-up of its management team.

Gaspard de Chavagnac, CEO and co-founder of European production firm Asacha, will take over the non-executive chairmanship of Kabo Family, with Baumard remaining a member of its strategic committee.

Stéphane Moatti, producer and partner at Kabo Family, and Hélène Frydenzon, the company’s director of legal and business affairs, have been appointed as deputy general managers and will oversee the company alongside co-founder Alain Kappauf.

In addition to their current responsibilities, Moatti will focus on operations while Frydenzon will be in charge of general secretariat activities and business affairs.

Kabo Family, created in 2004 by Kappauf, Baumard, Moatti and Sophie d’Abancourt, includes labels such as Noon, Thalie Images, Kelija Productions, En Voiture Simone, Rosalita Productions, Yada Prod, Vacarme, Kapitch and Marvelous Kabo Series.

It was acquired by Asacha in 2021.

Kabo Family and its subsidiaries are the producers of series such as Scènes de Ménages and En Famille for M6; The Island of 30 Coffins for France 2; Mixte and Killer Coaster for Amazon’s Prime Video; plus Derby Girl for FranceTV Slash.

Frydenzon joined Kabo Family in 2013 as legal and business affairs director, while Moatti set up Thalie Images in partnership with Kabo Family in 2012. He became a partner in the group in 2018.