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E' Per Il Tuo Bene

Three fathers try to hinder the love affairs of their respective daughters.

Arturo, Antonio and Poli are brothers-in-law with a peaceful and happy existence shocked suddenly: Arturo’s daughter decides in the last moment not marry with his boyfriend, leaving him alone in the altar, in order to stay with Álex, a young girl with free ideals straightly opposite with the totally conservative Arturo; Antonio discovers that his daughter is dating with Daniele, a troubled rapper related with drugs; Poli realizes that his daughter is dating with Luigi, a Poli's old friend, a playboy who works as artistic photographer. Determined to break the relations in the belief that Álex, Daniele and Luigi aren't good for their lovely and perfect daughters, Arturo, Antonio and Poli plot the way to stop all three relations outside their respective wives, not knowing the consequences that their acts will have for the family.

Producer: Picomedia and Medusa Film

Director: Rolando Ravello

Cast: Marco Giallini, Vincenzo Salemme, Giuseppe Battiston, Isabella Ferrari, Valentina Lodovini, Claudia Pandolfi, Matilde Gioli

Genre: Scripted (Theatrical)

Year of production: 2019

Duration: 96'