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1989: Chronicles of The Berlin’s Wall

(1989: Cronache dal Muro)

30 years after Ezio Mauro goes back to what’s left of the Berlin’s wall to tell its history.

On the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Ezio Mauro returns to the places that have marked the 30 years of history of the Berlin Wall, retracing the stages according to a double narrative register: the history of the last 8 months of the Wall, from March 8th to November 9th 1989, is intertwined with the history of this 'monster', from its conception, August 13th 1961.

Producer: Stand by Me

Commissioner: Rai

Format creator: Stand by Me

Format & script ownership: Stand by Me

Distributor: Asacha Media Group

Host: Ezio Mauro

Channel: Rai 3 / Rai Play

Genre: Non-Scripted (Documentary, History)

Year of production: 2019

Episodes: 1

Duration: 90'

Slot: Prime Time